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Michael L. Capps

Last Updated 1/15/2017

Hello and Welcome to the official Mike Capps.com website. This site, established 2003, provides friends, family, and affiliations a place to converse privately with me. It is the cornerstone to what I do, what I have done, and who I am.

Being a musical performer, I started studying and performing music at an early age as a guitarist-vocalist. I later became a well known bass guitarist and vocalist in my area of central Florida (read my bio).

Next to music, my greatest passion is web development. I started as a self-taught webmaster/designer in the late 90s, and worked to earn a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in 2006. Presently, I am developing web applications for PCs and mobile devices (see my resume) using mostly open source methodologies (LAMP). I also spend considerable time keeping myself current on new technologies.

Though my passion for music has been a part of me my whole life, I am no less passionate about computer logic. They both fill my need for creativity, and I get the same feeling of accomplishment from both.

Want to learn more about me? Feel free to use the contact form to contact me.

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