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I am still moving in come back soon to see more.
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Please click here for my Resume (Updated 02/15/2010)

This site is going over some changes. If you are needing help on any of my PHP MySQL scripts and web applications contact me I'll be glad to help.
The previous examples posted have been discontinued. New examples will be posted as I have time to do so. Hopefully coming soon I will be posting new short tutorials using PHP, MySQL, and AJAX. So come back.

Basic HTML Concept for Title and Meta Description Tags


Latest Developments

Project Management (In Development)
Cruise Recipes (In Development)

I pulled this PHP app example out of my archives. It is a little old now and clunky, but displays proficiency using multi-dimensional arrays. It can be reused and configured for any other type of question and answer application. See Multiple Intelligence Informal Inventory

This back end example is a sandbox prototype and is waiting for actual design lay out and final implementation. Using AJAX, PHP, and MySQL.
See Back End Lesson Planner (feel free to contact me for a username and password)

Front end examples e-commerce working with vendors and design (In Development) (Currently active ) (Currently active ) (Currently active ) (Currently active )

Joomla Development (Currently in development )

More coming soon.
For other examples such as transactional relational data driven applications, email validations, email auto responders, content back end applications, contact systems, inventory systems, and more contact me.

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